Take on the toughest wireline challenges and run for success

Deep runs, long laterals, complex formations, tight deadlines. We help you handle them all. Nine runs wireline right, so you can achieve more efficiency, better results, and assured success, every time.

Deep Expertise

Nine crew members build their skills both on the job and through our accelerated training programs. And our management team is deeply engaged in planning every job to ensure high-level service quality. This approach has led to more than 70,000 successful stage runs – a number that continues to grow daily.

Advanced Technology

  • Braided Line: Nine's fully equipped braided line professionals tackle the toughest jobs with minimal well intervention, maximum efficiency and the latest technology on the market.
  • Pumpdown Perforating: Our modern fleet, including the groundbreaking SkyVIEW unit, is outfitted with advanced tools to optimize efficiency on the longest horizontals.
  • Coated Line greaseless line: Combines the pressure control capabilities of slickline and the strength and electrical properties of e-line for better reliability, safety and economy.
  • Well Modeling for Pumpdown Perforating: Cerberus Well Modeling allows us to design the job to minimize risk in complex geologies and optimize efficiency and performance.
  • Retrievable Bridge Plugs for unconventional, conventional and unique gas storage applications running on third party wireline or our own wireline. Experienced Nine Energy tool hands for guiding the wireline crews for efficient and safe RBP setting and wireline retrieval in 2 7/8” tubing to 9 5/8” casing.
  • Cement Bond Analysis: We can run traditional and radial logging tools to efficiently analyze casings from 4.5” to 20”.
  • Tubing-Conveyed Perforating (TCP) Services: We can set plugs and shoot guns on the same run, respond quickly to screen outs, and provide ball drop and pressure firing systems.
  • Pipe Recovery: We supply experienced pipe recovery crews for conventional and unconventional drilling rig, plug drill out and P&A applications. Nine has a wealth of experience and knowledge across the US to help with the customer’s pipe recovery needs.
  • Casing Inspection Tools: We offer a 40-arm caliper & 56-arm caliper tools and a magnetic thickness tool, giving you more flexibility and efficiency. We also offer Magnetic Flux Leakage tools for 4.5” casing through 7” casing.

On Target to Save Operator in the Permian Approximately $300,000 by End of Year

Rethinking Completions , Nine raises the bar and the bottom line.

Permian Basin Case Study

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