How do you build the best well? Start with an advanced toolbox.

Well Integrity Suite

There are many ways to look downhole for leaks, tubular flaws and other potential problems. The drawback is that many of them require extra rigs and trips, causing delays, costs and a bogged-down well plan. Not with Nine. Our suite of well integrity tools helps you make a full range of evaluations quickly and accurately. So you can gain the knowledge you need to move forward.

Enhanced Pipe Detector Tool – ePDT

Evaluate up to five concentric tubulars exactly where they are in the well. There’s no need to pull the production tubing string or disassemble surface completion hardware. Just run it, get your data, and take necessary action.

Magnetic Thickness Detector – MTD

Simultaneously check the integrity of your tubing and the casing behind it, up to three concentric pipes. The tool can be run on a range of conveyance systems and eliminates the need for a workover rig or casing removal.

Array Noise Tool – ANT

Get the most accurate measurements while logging up or down by eliminating road noise as the tool moves through the well. The array also detects weak fluid movement behind multiple pipes, for better leak detection.

Stationary Noise Tool – SNT

Quickly identify intervals of interest on SRO applications with real-time onsite depth-based answers. The tool’s hybrid logging mode can stitch together measurements from multiple stations for assured accuracy and faster progress.

Multi-Finger Caliper – MFC

Accurately detect and measure corrosion, wear, bending, pits, deposits and many other problems hidden away inside of your tubing and casing. Options include multiple finger configs, sour service, and motorized centralizers.

Acoustic Leak Flow Analyzer – ALFA

Conduct a wide range of diagnostic studies, from well integrity to production performance to reservoir monitoring. This tool is loaded with sensors, including spectral noise, pressure, high-res temperature and casing collar locators.

Long laterals, deep expertise, and the right tools for the operation

This what we offer with our advanced wireline technology. Take a look at some of the other tools and technology we offer to help run operations right.

Well Integrity Resources

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Let’s Talk Well Integrity

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