New low-cost spacer technology reduces ECDs and pumping pressures in challenging Haynesville Shale project.

HOUSTON, TEXAS (July 26, 2023) – Having already established the effectiveness of its unique MS Spacer System in the Permian Basin, Nine Energy Service, Inc. (“Nine” or the “Company”) (NYSE: NINE) now continues its successful application in the Haynesville Shale. Short for Membrane Sealing Spacer System, this solution is designed to accommodate long laterals, tight annular clearances and temperatures exceeding 350°F — all common in the Haynesville play.

Under these production circumstances, operators have been increasingly challenged to maintain slurry stability and reduce Equivalent Circulation Density (ECD) during the cementing process. The MS Spacer System achieves these objectives for both the vertical and extended lateral sections of the well while also allowing for casing rotation throughout the entire production. It’s an operational advantage few, if any, competitors can offer due to torque limitations.

For this particular job, the lateral in question was 16,600 feet, with 5-inch casing and a 6.75-inch OH. Low ECDs and pumping pressures were achieved thanks to a conventional non-latex slurry Nine developed, which avoided the high costs associated with traditional latex additives.

This technology, combined with customized pumping schedules, experienced crews and the powerhouse Patriot Cementing Trucks, has been well-received by customers, who have realized substantial savings and success in single-stage jobs.

For more details on this project, see Nine’s Proof of Performance report here.


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