Nine knows coiled tubing—and you know us.

Nine’s level of performance is made possible through rigorous preventive maintenance and unified operating practices. We ran the longest 2 5/8-inch coiled tubing string on record in North America at 25,595 ft. In Oklahoma, we ran a 27,500-foot string of 2 3/8-inch coiled tubing to 23,950 ft.

But we’re not in the business of breaking records. We’re in the business of helping you address the challenges that come with the industry’s most extreme and complex wells. Our goal is to improve efficiency and safety while enhancing the return on investment of your coiled tubing project.

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  • Coiled Tubing Services

    Average Uptime: 98%

    With a greater than 98 percent average uptime record, Nine delivers unrivaled expertise-backed efficiency.

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  • AllSight Live Jobsite Dashboard

    Monitor and Manage the Details

    AllSight provides real-time analytics for better decisions and better return on investment

Optimized Wireline Performance You Can Trust

Run your wireline job knowing that every detail is geared to your success. Nine brings together exactly the right elements to run every wireline service the right way in the most complex formations throughout North America.

Our crews come to your site outfitted with the latest trucks, tools, and technologies to run exactly the wireline services you need. These advanced capabilities are why we are able to deliver quality results at a 99% success rate, and why operators have trusted Nine to run more than 70,000 stages – a number that continues to grow every day.

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  • Optimized Performance

    We perform, so you can

    Deep expertise, advanced equipment, service excellence, a long track record of successful runs. Everything we offer helps you optimize performance – in your project and your well.

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  • SkyVIEW Wireline Truck

    Gain Efficiency and Uptime

    Gain more efficiency with our state-of-the-art pump-down logging unit equipped with dual power sources and easily interchangeable drums.

Completion Solutions That Drive Productivity Forward

Every well comes with a unique set of variables. Successful completions require the appropriate technology, a nimble response, and flawless execution.

Nine delivers on all counts. We provide customized completion solutions for the most technically demanding wells—think complex geology and long, tortuous laterals. With a depth of experience in all major North American Basins, we’ve met practically every challenge in every application. And we’re continually expanding the technology around our completion techniques.

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  • Completions Technologies

    Add Confidence to Your Completions

    While our solutions run deep, so does our expertise. It’s a complete technology portfolio designed to help our customers meet their goals. We're continually developing and evolving technologies to service the longest and most complex wells in North America.

Let's talk total completion services.

Nine Energy Service supports customers in major North American Basins with comprehensive solutions and expertise.